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Testimonials: Headliner


The amazing thing about Ms. Brittany is that she can accommodate any skill level. Before I started at BRL Cello Studio, I had run through a lot of cello instructors. All of them were great teachers, don't get me wrong, but I kept running into a similar problem; I would reach a point in my studies where they had nothing left to teach me, and I had to find a new instructor. But at BRL, whether you're just coming out of 5th Grade Strings or an All-State level musician, Ms. Brittany has something to help you be just that much better of a cellist: an exercise to help with that passage you've been stuck, a fingering for that treble clef part, a stylistic suggestion to turn your reading into music. I went into high school (when I started taking lessons at BRL) unsure of my abilities as a cellist. Now, I'm leaving high school more confident than ever, a four year varsity orchestra student, with outstanding performances from Solo & Ensemble and having served as a leader in my orchestra. I don't think I could have gotten here without Ms. Brittany. Every year, the audition repertoire for Chamber (varsity) orchestra got harder and harder, and every year, Ms. Brittany helped me rise to the challenge. She helped me memorize my scales and broke down the audition music from these very intimidating passages into more manageable pieces. My Solo & Ensemble career has been rocky, but Ms. Brittany helped me push past failure and learn from it. In the end, it was her teachings and her belief in me that got me my OPs. And no one ever gives you a crash course on how to lead a cello section or an orchestra, so I had questions when I wanted to be a leader in orchestra. Ms. Brittany, with many years of cello playing under her belt, provided me with useful pointers that helped me to more confidently take on a leadership role in my orchestra. Honestly, I can't thank Ms. Brittany enough for how far she has helped me come. Like I said, I don't think I would have gotten this far without her. With her years of experience, infinite patiences, and dedication to your personal success as a cellist, whether it be getting into Region or getting a certain rating at Solo & Ensemble, Ms. Brittany is a brilliant instructor that will help you be the best musician you can be.

Matthew Leishner, alumni

Ms. Brittany has helped me learn technique, style, and she has helped me achieve many of my goals and does so in a positive and friendly way. One of the biggest goals Ms. Brittany has helped me accomplish is making Houston Youth Symphony. She helped me in areas I didn't even know needed improvement on, and I noticed significant changes in my skill in just a few lessons. Working with Ms. Brittany has been so beneficial to my cello career and without her, I wouldn't be nearly as accomplished.

Ming Broussard, student

Our son has studied cello with Ms. Brittany for several years now as his only private cello instructor. We have observed his playing flourish through his lessons. Brittany speaks directly to excellent cello technique, those principals that mold and prepare a young musician with lifelong skills, carrying them through the fundamental aspects of cello playing they will use now and for their future playing. Her approach and encouraging spirit set these young musicians up for great success. Ms. Brittany sets realistic and measurable goals each week, trackable by parents at any time. As professional private music instructors ourselves, we see high excellence in the instruction our child has received through his years with Ms. Brittany and would highly recommend her for cello instruction.

Shawn & Kristi Myers

Mrs. Brittany has brought me a very long way through my cello career. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be anywhere near I am today. I’ve accomplished many goals such as, qualifying for region, two outstanding solos, and qualifying for the Doerre Chamber Orchestra. As you can see, she is great at what she does. I think that she can be an incredible cello teacher for anyone.

Brendon Braband, student

Are you looking for a cello tutor? If so, Brittany is a great choice. Brittany has been working with our son Brendon for almost 5 years. From day one, she established a great rapport with him to facilitate improvement of his skills and the love of the cello. She inspires him to want to be his best. She is an excellent teacher, and my son achieved his goals this year of 1st chair in chamber orchestra, 4th chair in region, and an outstanding solo as a 6th and 7th grader. Brittany is very caring and fun, but firm with her teaching skills. She is easy to communicate with and Brendon looks forward to his lesson each week. I would highly recommend Brittany as a Cello tutor.

Gina Braband

I highly recommend Ms. Brittany! She is an awesome professional cello instructor, we are so thankful we found her. My goal and son’s goal was to get him into chamber orchestra his sophomore year. He worked hard over the summer months with Ms. Brittany’s. With a lot of hard work and determination he was able to achieve his goal for Chamber and made region this school year! His previous teacher was not very encouraging and discouraged him to try out for chamber or region. We were nervous about face time lessons but everything worked out. I love that she is so organized and straightforward. At the end of each lesson she sends out a detailed email, over the lesson and what they need to work on for the next lesson. He is enjoying lessons through FaceTime and has advanced in his lessons. We thought his last teacher was good, but Ms. Brittany has definitely surpassed our expectations! My son has been taking lessons with her for less than a year and he has advanced so much! I would highly recommend her and not think twice! If you are determined and willing to work hard she will support you!

Beth Meng

All 3 daughters have taken music lessons specifically in piano and cello for a number of years from private instructors. Every music instructor bring different qualities to the lesson. My experience with Ms. Brittany has been exceptional. She is very organized and provides well prepared, structured lessons. She is able to pinpoint troubled areas with specific solutions. Ms. Brittany offers detailed lesson notes after each lesson via Google Share. She is very prompt and communicates upcoming schedules, changes, payments, etc via email. I am never surprised with lesson changes or cancellations. Ms Brittany is very familiar with regional requirements and offers additional lessons. My 8th grade cellist has been so inspired and motivated after each lesson. She loves playing and feels very proud for every accomplishment. Ms Brittany has brought that spark back for my daughter! We love her!

Sang Tran

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Testimonials: Testimonial
Testimonials: Testimonial

" When people ask me about the private lessons I take for cello and who teaches me, I never hesitate to brag about Ms. Brittany and her style of teaching.  My first lesson with her six years ago was filled with my own anxieties and her own patience, kindness, and insight.  Since then, she has only gained more insight and knowledge, and is always kind and considerate.  As a musician, Ms. Brittany has guided me toward the skills and tools to work toward better technique and musicality, introducing new and interesting pieces that never fail to keep me motivated.  I have been able to get Outstanding Performer for two of my solos within my career and her as my teacher.  Ms.Brittany offers a style of teaching that adapts to the student, and allows them to reach their full potential without being overwhelmed.  She always provides a room for open conversations about different pieces, problems, and questions.  My favorite part of BRL Cello Studio is that Ms. Brittany truly loves what she does, and every time she teaches or plays you can tell. She's not only an amazing teacher and musician, but also an amazing person, and I thank her for the beautiful world of music she has introduced me to."

Kaili Mora-Duarte

"My children have been studying cello under Ms. Brittany for a year. During the year, I have seen steady growth and progress on their skills in addition to their musicality. Ms. Brittany’s upbeat, positive and patient teaching approach has kept my children enthusiastic during practice time in between lessons. Whenever they are stuck on challenging rhythms, fingering or interpretation of the music, Ms. Brittany always provides various fingering and rhythm exercises to help them overcoming the obstacles. My children and I greatly appreciate Ms. Brittany’s methodical approach in the growth of her students. Besides the regular lessons, Ms. Brittany also hosts workshops for Region’s audition and without being overwhelmed.  She always  keeps the students informed on the All-State audition. As parents, we greatly appreciate the consistent and punctual lesson time throughout school year and summer vacation, monthly e-mail newsletters on lesson schedule and upcoming events (i.e. semi-annual recital), the ability to make-up lessons in case of schedule conflicts and the flexibility when extra lessons are needed in preparation for audition. Recently Ms. Brittany has also guided us through the journey of shopping for a full-size cello, bow and hard case. After one year of lesson experience, Ms. Brittany has shown us her commitment and intent to develop a well-rounded cello player beyond the weekly lesson time "

Philip & Yen-Ling Wylie

Testimonials: Testimonial

“My daughter was recommended to seek private lessons with Ms. Brittany when she began playing the cello during the 5th grade strings program at Klein ISD. Under Ms. Brittany's tutelage, my daughter has progressed beautifully as a cellist and I just love to listen when she practices at home. My daughter is now entering the 7th grade and has made the Chamber orchestra at Kleb, which was a goal of hers that Ms. Brittany has helped make achievable. Aside from the individual lessons, Ms. Brittany offers her students opportunities to perform in recitals she organizes, and to also attend events around the area to watch and listen to other musicians to help inspire the possibilities her students can achieve. My daughter loves Ms. Brittany, and so do we. She is a wonderful instructor, but an even better role model for aspiring young musicians.”

Mr. Xavier Castro;
Parent of student, Samaya Castro

"My son started to learn cello with Ms. Brittany a year ago. Ms. Brittany is absolutely one of the best teachers we’ve met and work with. She’s not only a very talented cellist but also a passionate teacher. Ms. Brittany is really good at working with young students. She knows how to inspire them to their most capabilities while fostering their love and interests in music. Her emphasis on techniques and step-by-step approach helped my son to build up a very solid foundation. His progress is so beyond my expectations so that I sent my daughter to her later on. I will highly recommend her without any doubt."

Ivy Wu

“I am excited to recommend BRL Cello Studio & Brittany Leavitt to you as a cello teacher for your child.  Brittany is a gifted, passionate and enthusiastic teacher and musician.  I have watched her students grow from beginner 5th grade strings students to accomplished high school musicians.  I feel fortunate that I was able to get Brittany as my son’s private cello teacher.  He is a rising 6th grader and has come very far in just one year of training. He feels at ease with Brittany who is very patient and encouraging with him.  She always challenges him to achieve more that he thinks he’s capable of.  He even auditioned for higher level Orchestra at his middle school.  Communication is very important to me and I find Brittany very accessible.  I can text or email her and she’s always prompt with responding.  She’s very easy to work with to arrange makeups and reschedule lessons. ”

Mrs. Anjana Rajan
Parent of student, Aneesh Vathul

"Ms. Brittany has taught me so much over the past 5 years.  I've improved tremendously and continue to learn a lot in my lessons.  I've excelled in my playing as well as reaching many goals, such as making Region and recieving Outstanding Performance awards for the Solo/Ensemble competition.  My favorite part about the studio is that I love to see my progress at the end of each year as I continue to be successful in music with my lessons."

Rawan Radwan, student 

“Ms. Brittany is a phenomenal cellist and an excellent teacher.  She's understanding and really wants her students to succeed and improve. I had her as my teacher for about six months during my senior year of high school and I felt like I improved significantly as a cellist and a musician.  She always provides very constructive advice and she will help you learn any piece of music no matter how difficult (she helped me learn Gabriel Fauré's Elegie).  I would highly recommend Ms. Brittany as a teacher.”

John Richardson, student

“Ms.Brittany Leavitt is an amazing teacher. She strives for her student's excellence and helps them get there every step of the way with techniques you're not as likely to learn anywhere else. She has a great attitude and is always positive towards improvement and struggles. She truly is a one of a kind teacher and anyone would be lucky to have her teach them :) ”

Jessica Rodriguez, student

" I am fortunate to have found Ms. Brittany to tutor my son, Nathan Tran.  He has improved tremendously and has grown more passionate towards playing the cello and orchestral music.  Ms. Brittany has made such a big difference in his life in the past two years.  I would definitely recommend Ms. Brittany and BRL cello studio to all the parents who want the best learning experience for their children."

Mrs. Amanda Phuong;
Parent of student, Nathan Tran

“I actually recommended my friend to Ms. Brittany and he said she's by far the best teacher he has ever had. From my experience, each lesson I've had with her has been different and exciting. Something I really love is the atmosphere of each lesson. As she teaches, musical ideas are brought up as well as mine. She always pushes me to do my best, which is how I've made region three times. With her help I have also been capable of receiving many Outstanding Performance awards for my Solo and Ensemble competitions that occur each year. I would never hesitate to recommend her to friends or parents. She is one of the most thoughtful and helpful teachers I've had."

Gracie Martinez, student

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